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Aqua Pro-Tec

The Abingdon Stainfree Range

Aqua Pro-Tec is a new formula
version of our ever popular
Abingdon Stainfree range.
Abingdon produce this assortment
of family friendly carpets from
100% bleach cleanable Zylon
Polypropylene. They are
guaranteed against all
household stains.

More Time

The Aqua Pro-Tec carpets give you more time
to clean up those accidental spillages
without leaving a stain!

Wipe Clean

Simply wipe spillages dry with a paper towel!

Warranty Guaranteed

All of the Abingdon Stainfree range offer warranty on wear and a guarantee against stains, totally free of charge. The Aqua Pro-Tec carpets are currently available on three of the Stainfree range, all with a 10 year warranty period.